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"Research is always a battle against Don Quixote's windmills. Sometimes you win, sometimes they win.
The trick is to win a little more often."

(Win Labuda, company owner)

Precision Cleaning

39: Our Contribution to the Cleanliness of Technical Systems

40 Years Clear & Clean - 80 Years Win Labuda

Win Labuda

Clear & Clean-Publication, 2018, Lübeck


Publikation Nr. 41

38: On the History of Clean Working

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2018, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim


Publikation Nr. 39

37: Indicator Plate for the Visualisation of Micro Contaminants

Win Labuda, Stefan Haupt 

ReinRaumTechnik 2/2017, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim


Publikation Nr. 38

36: Cleanroom Consumables - Aspects, Simualtion, Arguments

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 1/2017, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim


Publikation Nr. 37

36a: A Review on the Essay "Cleanroom Consumables - Aspects, Simulation, Arguments" by Thomas von Kahlden

Thomas von Kahlden

ReinRaumTechnik 2/2017, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim


Publikation Nr. 36

35: Reality and Simulation - in the Test Methods for Cleanroom Consumables

Win Labuda

Lecture at the Lounges 2016, Stuttgart April 5, 2016, Power Point Presentation


Publikation Nr. 35

34: Cleanroom Consumables - Source of contamination in


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 4/2015, Wiley-VCH-Verlag, Weinheim


Publikation Nr. 34

33: The Reduction of the Surface Quality after Clean Wiping Procedures - Grooves and Scratch-Building on Functional Surfaces

Win Labuda

Lecture at the Lounges 2015, Stuttgart May 20, 2015, Power Point Presentation


Publikation Nr. 33

32: The Removal of Nano-Particles by Wiping Procedures

Win Labuda

Lecture at the Lounges 2014, Stuttgart June 4, 2014, Power Point Presentation


Publikation Nr. 32

31: Contamination Induced by Cleanroom Wipers Through Cleaning

by Wiping - Surface-Chemical Purity and Analysis

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2014, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim


Publikation Nr. 31

30: Particle Release by Cleanroom Wipers

The New Labuda Fulling Simulator MK 1

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 4/2013, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim


Publikation Nr. 30

29: Classification of Cleanroom Wipers According to Cleaning Efficiency - New Study of Required Cleaning Time an Achievable Surface Cleanliness

(Short version of essay no. 28)

Katja Habermüller, Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2009, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 29

28: Time Requirements and Surface Cleanliness in Wiper-Based Cleaning Procedures - The Specific Cleaning Time and Performance

of Fine and Precision Cleaning Wipers

Win Labuda

Clear & Clean-Publication, 2009, Lübeck


Publikation Nr. 28

27: Win Labuda - Researcher, Entrepreneur, Artist -

A Biography (2008)

Redaktion GIT-Verlag

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2008, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 27

26: Clear & Clean Test Methods for Cleaning Wipers and Papers

Used in Clean Environments

Win Labuda, Sven Siegmann

Clear & Clean-Publication, 2007 and 2013, Lübeck

26-Die-Clear-&-Clean-engl. 148-P.jpg

Publikation Nr. 26

25: Cleaning Wipers Handling Variants and Active Surface

in Cleaning Procedures

Win Labuda, Sven Siegmann

ReinRaumTechnik 1/2006, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 25

24: The Effect of Laser-Induced Micro-Roughness of Textile Fibers

on Adhesion and Capture of Micrometer-Sized Particles

T. Bahners, K. Opwis, T. Textor, W. Labuda, E. Schollmeyer

Kash Mittal Editor, book-publication: "Particles on Surfaces: Detection,

Adhesion and Removal", Band 9, page 211 - 223, VSP-Verlag Utrecht, 2006


Publikation Nr. 24

23: Triboelectric Charges in the Semiconductor Production Environment (three-part essay, part 1 to 3)

Lodevicus Hermans, Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 1,2,3/2005, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 23

22: Factors Determing Cleaning Procedure Cost

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2004, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 22

21: The Detraction of Surface Cleanliness by the Ingredients of

Pre Soaked Cleanroom Wipers

Win Labuda, Sven Siegmann

ReinRaumTechnik 1/2004, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 21

20: Surface Cleanliness after a Wet-Cleaning Procedure with

Precision Cleanroom Wipers

Win Labuda, Sven Siegmann

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2003, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 20

19: The Evaluation of Cleanroom Commodities

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 2/2003, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 19

18: Purity as a System Parameter

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2002, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 18

17: Passion for Cleanroom Technology

Heiko Baumgartner interviewed Win Labuda

Win Labuda, Heiko Baumgartner

ReinRaumTechnik 2/2002, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 17

16: Quality Optimisation of Cleanroom Consumables

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2001 and 1/2002, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 16

15: The Costs of Wiper-Based Cleaning in Large

Cleanroom-Facilities - a Cost Analysis of Cleaning by Wiping

(German Edition updated in 2014)

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 1,2/2001, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt, German Edition updated 2014


Publikation Nr. 15

14: Cleanroom Paper - Mobile Data Carrier in Cleanroom Operations

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2000, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 14

13: Protective Gloves in Clean Technology - Elastic Barrier between Person and Product

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 2/2000, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 13

12: HiTech-Wipers - Precision Tools of a Modern Production Culture

in the Year 2000

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 1/2000, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt


Publikation Nr. 12

11: The Research into Cleanig by Wiping

a Personal Retrospective of 20 Years of Research, 1978 - 1998

Win Labuda

Clear & Clean-Publication, 1998, Lübeck


Publikation Nr. 11

10: Cleanroom Consumable Products

Part 1 Wipers and Paper

The Influence of the Cleanroom Consumable Quality on the

Process Yield - Quality Optimizing - Quality Testing

Win Labuda

Clear & Clean-Publication, 1997, Lübeck


Publikation Nr. 10

09: Triboelectric Effects in the Use of Cleanroom Wipers and

Paper Products

Win Labuda

VDI-Report 1342, 1997, Fulda, VDI-Verlag


Publikation Nr. 9

08: A Kind of Particle-Collector

Win Labuda

ICCS-World-Congress, Den Haag, 1996, Proceedings


Publikation Nr. 8

07: Laser Carving, a Modification of Textile Surfaces for the Increase

of the Wiper-Cleaning

Eckhard Schollmeyer, Win Labuda

Techtextil-Symposium, Frankfurt, 1995, Proceedings


Publikation Nr. 7

06: Load Diagram for Cleanroom Wipers

Win Labuda

VDI-Report 1095, 1994, Stuttgart, VDI-Verlag


Publikation Nr. 6

05: Cleanroom-Paper - Morphological Qualities of Surface and

Edges on 5 Different Cleanroom-Papers, Release of Particles

and other Parameters

Yuko Labuda

VDI-Report 1095, 1995, Stuttgart, VDI-Verlag


Publikation Nr. 5

04: The Labuda-Colander-Method for the Evaluation of the

Abrasive Particle Release of Cleanroom Wipers and Papers

Win Labuda

VDI-Report 919, 1991, Bielefeld, VDI-Verlag


Publikation Nr. 4

03: Measurement of Particle-Shedding from Different

Wiper Materials

Win Labuda

ICCS-World-Congress, Zürich, 1990, Proceedings


Publikation Nr. 3

02: Quality Assurance at the Production of

Cleanroom Commodities

Win Labuda

VDI-Report 783, 1989, Stuttgart, VDI-Verlag

Die-Qualitätssicherung 2000P.jpg

Publikation Nr. 2

01: Ionic- and Particle Contamination by Various

Cleanroom Commodities

Win Labuda

VDI-Report 693, 1988, München, VDI-Verlag


Publikation Nr. 1