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„We don‘t yet know everything about high-tech cleaning wipers,
but we‘re working hard to ensure that we know more than anybody else.“

(Win Labuda, company founder of Clear & Clean)

Publikationen und Fach-Aufsätze

"New ISO Standard for Cleanroom Consumables

Neue ISO-Norm .jpg

Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 03/2023, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 42

"The Veteran of Clean Room Technology turns 85
A Conversation with  Dr. Roy Fox and Dr. Heiko Baumgartner"

Interview WL 2023.jpg

Roy Fox, Heiko Baumgartner, Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 03/2023, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 41

"Silicone oil (polysiloxanes) as a contaminant
analytical determination and cleaning"


Win Labuda, Christian Wendt

ReinRaumTechnik 04/2021, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 40

"Paper of Increased Surface Purity
for the Application in Cleanrooms"


Win Labuda, Christian Wendt

ReinRaumTechnik 02/2020, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 39

"Our Contribution to the Purity of Technical Systems -
40 Years of Clear & Clean - 80 Years Win Labuda"


Win Labuda

Clear & Clean-Publications 2018, Lübeck

Publication No. 38

"On the History of Clean Working"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2018, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 37

"Visualization of Micro Contaminants - Collector Plate for
Contaminants in Solvents, Material Imprints and Particles


Win Labuda, Stefan Haupt 

ReinRaumTechnik 2/2017, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 36

"Cleanroom Consumables - Aspects, Simulation and Arguments"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 1/2017, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 35

"A Review of Labuda’s Essay No. 35 by Mr. Thomas von Kahlden"


Thomas von Kahlden

ReinRaumTechnik 2/2017, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 35 - Commentary

"Reality and Simulation: The Test Methods for Cleanroom


Win Labuda

Lecture at the Lounges 2016, Stuttgart April 5, 2016, Power Point Presentation

Publication No. 34

"Are Cleanroom Consumables Dangerous
Sources of Contamination in Cleanroom-Operations?"


Win Labuda, Lodevicus Hermans, Heinz-Josef Kiggen

ReinRaumTechnik 4/2015, Wiley-VCH-Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 33

"The Reduction of the Surface Quality after Clean Wiping Procedures:
Grooves- and Scratch-Building on Functional Surfaces"


Win Labuda

Lecture at the Lounges 2015, Stuttgart May 20, 2015, PowerPoint Presentation

Publication No. 32

"The Removal of Nanoparticles by Wiping Procedures"


Win Labuda

Lecture at the Lounges 2014, Stuttgart June 4, 2014, PowerPoint Presentation

Publication No. 31

"Contamination of Functional Surfaces by HiTech Wipers:
Surface Purity vs Wiper Purity"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2014, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 30

"The Particle Release by Stress Loads on HiTech Wipers
The New Labuda Fulling Simulator Mk1"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 4/2013, Wiley-VCH Verlag, Weinheim

Publication No. 29

"Classification of Cleanroom Wipers According to Cleaning
Efficiency - New Study of Required Cleaning Time an
Achievable Surface Cleanliness" (Short version of essay No. 27)



Katja Habermüller, Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2009, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 28

"Time Requirements and Surface Cleanliness in Wiper-Based Cleaning Procedures - The Specific Cleaning Time and
Performance of Fine and Precision Cleaning Wipers"


Win Labuda

Clear & Clean-Publication, 2009, Lübeck

Publication No. 27

"Win Labuda - Researcher, Entrepreneur, Artist -
A Biography in 2008"


Editing by GIT-Verlag

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2008, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 26

"Clear & Clean Test Methods for HiTech Wipers and Papers Used
in Clean Environments"


Win Labuda, Sven Siegmann

Clear & Clean-Publication, 2007 and 2013, Lübeck

Publication No. 25

"HiTech Wipers: Handling Modes and Active Surfaces in Cleaning
by Wiping Procedures"


Win Labuda, Sven Siegmann

ReinRaumTechnik 1/2006, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 24

"The Effect of Laser-Induced Micro-Roughness of Textile Fibers on Adhesion and Capture of Micrometer-Sized Particles"


T. Bahners, K. Opwis, T. Textor, W. Labuda, E. Schollmeyer

Kash Mittal Editor, book-publication: "Particles on Surfaces: Detection,

Adhesion and Removal", Band 9, page 211 - 223, VSP-Verlag Utrecht, 2006

Publication No. 23

"Triboelectric Charges in the Semiconductor Production Environment" (three-part essay, part 1 to 3)


Lodevicus Hermans, Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 1,2,3 / 2005, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 22

"The Various Aspects Determining the Costs of Cleaning Procedures"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2004, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 21

"The Influence on the Surface Cleanliness by the Ingredients of
Pre-moistened Cleanroom Wipers"


Win Labuda, Sven Siegmann

ReinRaumTechnik 1/2004, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 20

"Surface Cleanliness after Wet Cleaning Procedures using

Precision HiTech Wipers"


Win Labuda, Sven Siegmann

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2003, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 19

"The Evaluation of Cleanroom Commodities"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 2/2003, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 18

"Purity as a System Parameter"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2002, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 17

"A Passion for Cleanroom Technology
Heiko Baumgartner Interviews Win Labuda"


Win Labuda, Heiko Baumgartner

ReinRaumTechnik 2/2002, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 16

"Quality Considerations on HiTech Consumables"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 3/2001 and 1/2002, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 15

"The Costs of Wiper-Based Cleaning in Large Cleanroom Facilities -
a Cost Analysis of Cleaning by Wiping"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 1,2/2001, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt, German Edition updated 2014

Publication No. 14

"Protective Gloves in HiTech Industries:
Elastic Barrier between Person and Product"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 2/2000, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 13

"HiTech-Wipers – Precision Tools of HiTech Production
in the Year 2000 and Afterwards"


Win Labuda

ReinRaumTechnik 1/2000, GIT-Verlag, Darmstadt

Publication No. 12

"The Research into the Cleaning by Wiping Procedure -
a Personal Retrospective of 20 Years of Research, 1978-1998"


Win Labuda

Clear & Clean-Publication, 1998, Lübeck

Publication No. 11

"Cleanroom Consumable Products Part 1 Wipers and Paper.
Is there an Influence of the Cleanroom Consumable Quality on
the Process? Quality Optimizing – Quality Testing"


Win Labuda

Clear & Clean-Publication, 1997, Lübeck

Publication No. 10

"Triboelectric Effects during the Application of HiTech Wipers and
Clean Paper Products"


Win Labuda

VDI-Report 1342, 1997, Fulda, VDI-Verlag

Publication No. 9

"A New Kind of Particle-Collector"


Win Labuda

ICCS-World-Congress, The Hague, 1996, Proceedings

Publication No. 8

"Laser Carving, a Modification of Textile Surfaces for the Increase
of the Wiper-Cleaning Effectivity"


Eckhard Schollmeyer, Win Labuda

Techtextil Symposium, Frankfurt, 1995, Proceedings

Publication No. 7

"A Load Diagram for HiTech Wipers"


Win Labuda

VDI Report 1095, 1994, Stuttgart, VDI-Verlag

Publication No. 6

"Cleanroom-Paper – Morphological Quality of Surfaces and Edges
on 5 Different Cleanroom Paper Brands Particles and Other
Contamination assoc. Parameters"


Yuko Labuda

VDI Report 1095, 1995, Stuttgart, VDI-Verlag

Publication No. 5

"The Colander Method for the Evaluation of the Abrasive Particle
Release of HiTech Wiping Products"


Win Labuda

VDI Report 919, 1991, Bielefeld, VDI-Verlag

Publication No. 4

"Determination of the Particle Release from Selected
HiTech Wiping Products"


Win Labuda

ICCS World Congress, Zurich, 1990, Proceedings

Publication No. 3

"Quality Assurance in the Context of Cleanroom Consumables

Die-Qualitätssicherung 2000P.jpg

Win Labuda

VDI Report 783, 1989, Stuttgart, VDI-Verlag

Publication No. 2

"Ionic- and Particle Contamination by Various Cleanroom


Win Labuda

VDI Report 693, 1988, Munich, VDI-Verlag

Publication No. 1

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