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Precision Cleaning


Win Labuda, der Firmengründer, an seine Mitarbeiter aus Anlass des 40. Jahrestags der Firmengründung am 22. August 2019:


History of Clear & Clean - Werk für Reintechnik GmbH


New homepage: after a careful revision the new homepage is launched online


Anniversary: 40 years of Clear & Clean!

High-performance analytics:

A gas chromatograph coupled with a mass spectrometer (GC-MS) of Agilent for trace analysis in HiTech wipes was selected for the research laboratory.


New measuring method:

At the end of the year, a new measurement method was developed to determine filmic contaminations by measuring adhesion to a surface (LUM LumiFrac Adhesion Analyzer).

ISO Certification 9001:2015

Renewed DEKRA ISO 9001:2015 certification in the field of development, production and distribution of consumables for clean technology


Expansion of the range of instruments:

The laboratory instrumentation has been extended by new test instruments. New features include: PartSens, Phenom Pro scanning electron microscope, DSA30 drop shape analyzer, Mars6 microwave extraction unit and Zepto One plasma cleaning system.


Technical modernisation of the clean room:

The production clean room was enlarged and brought up to the latest technical standard.


Research Award:

The Clear & Clean Research Award was given to Dr. Udo Riss

SO Certification 9001:2008

Renewed DEKRA ISO 9001:2008 certification in the field of development, manufacture and distribution of consumables for clean technology

Ultrapure water system:

Commissioning of a ultrapure water plant in the research area.




Investigations into the wiping cleaning of nanoparticles.

35th company anniversary: 

Lecture at the Institute for the History of Medicine and Science at the University of Lübeck.



Development of VDI recommendation VDI 2083 sheet 9.2:

Short collaboration in the VDI committee for the development of the new VDI recommendation VDI 2083.Bl.9.2 for cleanroom consumables under the direction of C. Moschner.


Laser fluorescence measuring station:

Presentation and commissioning of a new laser fluorescence measuring station for measuring the cleaning efficiency and the specific cleaning time of different cleanroom wipers.



Production line:

Start-up of a fully automatic production line for the manufacture of precision cleaning cloths. However, the production principle does not prove itself and will be discontinued in April 2014.



Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9000.

Series production of the patented GRIPFOLD™ glove cloth using a new ultrasonic formatting system.



Washing and drying plant:

Expansion of the production capacity for decontaminated cleaning cloths, 100 kg clean room washing and drying plant.


25th company anniversary




Opening of the restored storehouse at the Lübeck plant.




2nd Lübeck Cleanroom Technology Symposium, organized by Yuko and Win Labuda. All major cleanroom operators in Germany take part.

Scientific recognition:

Scientific recognition of the three test methods according to Labuda by the German Textile Research Centre North-West, University of Duisburg-Essen.


Format cutting press:

Expansion of the production capacity in the field of paper production, new acquisition of an automatically controlled format cutting press.


Automatic production of glove cloths:

Patent for the automatic production of glove cloths for use in clean rooms (GRIPFOLD™ gloves).


1st German-language Lübeck Cleanroom Technical Symposium, LRTS at the Institute for the History of Medicine and Science at the University of Lübeck, organized by Yuko and Win Labuda.



Cleaning efficiency measurement:

Cleaning Efficiency Measurement according to Labuda (ellipsometer method for testing the cleaning efficiency of cleaning cloths for ultra-thin contamination layers).



Laser formatting:

Construction and implementation of the first system for laser formatting of precision cleaning cloths.


Labuda shell test method II:

Presentation of the Labuda shell test method II according to Labuda for testing particle release during wiping as a function of contact pressure and coefficient of friction.



Part-Lift method:

Start of a scientific collaboration with the German Textile Research Centre North-West e.V., Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen, in Krefeld, Professor E. Schollmeyer.




Scientific cooperation with the German Textile Research Centre North-West e.V., Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen, in Krefeld, Professor E. Schollmeyer.



Schalen-Prüfmethode I:

Vorstellung der Schalen-Prüfmethode I nach Labuda zur Messung des Partikelabriebs beim Wischen über Oberflächen definierter Rauigkeit.



Shell test method I:

Presentation of the shell test method I according to Labuda for the measurement of particle abrasion when wiping over surfaces of defined roughness.


Electron microscope:

Acquisition of an electron microscope, type Leitz ISY 60
(see lit.: essay "Microphotography - a kind of continued amazement". )


Research lab:

Win Labuda founds the Clear & Clean research laboratory and brings it up to the state of the art over the years.



Acquisition of a 1.5 ha property in the "Industriegebiet Glashüttenweg" in Lübeck and construction of a
approx. 3000 m² production and laboratory buildings.


Development of a sensor probe:

Lodevicus Hermans (Siemens Semiconductor Technology, Regensburg) and Win Labuda jointly develop a sensor probe for the determination of particles on surfaces.



Siemens-Regensburg beginnt die D-RAM-Fertigung. Clear & Clean erhält den Auftrag zur Lieferung des Reinraum-Verbrauchsmaterials, (Reinraumtücher, Handschuhe und Papier).


D-RAM manufacturing:

Siemens-Regensburg begins D-RAM production. Clear & Clean receives the order to supply the cleanroom consumables (cleanroom cloths, gloves and paper).



Clear & Clean GmbH was founded by Win Labuda on 26 June 1979. Labuda had been selling Texwipe products in Germany since 1973.