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Ostseewerk Lübeck: about us


Win Labuda, the company founder, to his employees on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the company's founding on August 22, 2019:


Please note the programme

6th conference FILM CONTAMINATIONS on November 8th + 9th, 2023 in Bad Gögging:

Innovations and investments since 2015:


Win Labuda turns 85 on 26 June.

and is publishing his opus magnum just in time for his birthday:
"On the Purity of Functional Surfaces - Collected Technical Essays"
by Win Labuda et. al., 389 pages, ISBN 978-3-9825567-0-3 (German Edition)


New homepage from 5.2021

Our thoroughly revised website will be published on May 1, 2021 at the address . The weekly publication is integrated

the quality test results of our most popular high-tech cleaning cloth SONIT-HDM.

Bachelor examination in chemistry: grade 1

In April our young chemistry intern Lea E. passed her bachelor's examination on a purity-relevant topic with the grade 1. Let's see whether she will also write her master's thesis with us.


Purity validation

A system for determining total organic carbon (TOC) by means of catalytic oxidation was put into operation in the research laboratory. The method is used to determine the total organic contamination of functional surfaces.

A measuring station for analyzing the use-induced particle release of cleaning cloths through small-angle agitation was developed and put into operation in July. Standard and nanoparticles were analyzed.

Airborne nano-particles

An appropriate measuring device was purchased to determine the nanoparticle concentrations in the air that are common in the lungs. This makes it possible to measure particles with a Feret diameter from 5 nm upwards.

Rotting of fibrous materials

An extensive project to investigate the biological degradation of cellulose-based cleaning fleeces has been completed. Win Labuda wrote an essay entitled "HiTech Wiping Agent Ecology".


40 years of Clear & Clean

An anniversary event took place in the lecture hall of the non-profit organization in Lübeck and several articles appeared in the specialist press.

High-performance analysis GC / MS

In the test and research laboratory, a second gas chromatograph was installed coupled with a mass spectrometer (GC-MS) for trace analysis in connection with the consumables of the clean technology.

Organic decontamination

The Clear & Clean production was built around a plant for surfactant-free, organic  Decontamination of hi-tech cleaning wipes  enriched. We can now decontaminate aquatically, organically and with CO 2.


New test method

To the best of our knowledge, a centrifugal adhesion force measurement was applied to the wiping cleaning procedure for the first time, with which filmic contamination can be determined by measuring the surface adhesion.


Expansion of the range of instruments

The instrumentation of the research laboratory was expanded to include the following test devices: a counter for surface particles, a modern scanning electron microscope (with EDX), a measuring station for determining the contact angle, a microwave extraction device and a plasma generator for ultra-cleaning functional surfaces.


Technical modernization of the clean room with a new shell and filter ceiling:

The clean room was enlarged and brought up to date with the latest technology. We use the clean room for product packaging!


Research award

Presentation of the Clear & Clean Research Prize to Dr. Udo Riss in Ratzeburg for his theory on electrodynamically based antibody-antigen affinity.

Ultrapure water system

Commissioning of a new 18.2 mega-ohm ultrapure water system for the

Research and manufacturing area.

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