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Werk für Reintechnik GmbH

  • For more than 40 years we have been manufacturing pure HiTech wipers, paper products and special gloves at the Ostsee-Werk in Luebeck.


  • Our customers are the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, optics, space industry and implant medicine.


  • Clients: the major cleanroom operators in the German-speaking region.

  • Our manufacturing facilities comprise 1800 m² of enclosed space, including two ISO class 5 clean rooms.

  • The advantages for our users are locational proximity, manufacturing experience, delivery capability and language identity.


  • Our research and quality laboratory:
    More than 40 analytical methods are available there. Details can be found in our brochure "Test Methods".


  • We are certified to EN ISO 9001:2015 "for the development, production and distribution of consumables for clean technology".

Ostseewerk, Fertigung von Reintechnik-Bedarf

Photo: Herbert Jäger

Clear & Clean GmbH, Ostseewerk Lübeck

HiTech cleaning wipers (also known as cleanroom wipers) consist of decontaminated multifilament knitted yarns made of polyester or polyamide. The knitted roll material is cut into handy wiper formats with laser cutters and then, depending on the purity requirements of the user, decontaminated in one or more stages.

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In our glove portfolio, we manufacture non-slip flat-lay gloves made of polyurethane nonwoven that are highly comfortable to wear. The gloves are breathable so that perspiration from the hand can evaporate.

Stretchbond ™ gloves are worn where the high level of comfort justifies the additional price and no liquid barrier is required.

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The production of our standard cleanroom wipers from nonwovens, on the other hand, is almost fully automated. Our Interfalz wipers are suitable for dispensers. The "interfold" type of folding allows only a single wipe to be taken from the dispenser each time a wiper is needed.

Galaxy-Papier nur A4 -03 dunkler.gif

In our special paper production, electronically controlled cutting machines with stacking lifts are used. The development of cutting dust on the edges of the paper is monitored microscopically and eliminated if necessary. Notebooks and logbooks for use in clean working areas are also produced here, as are disc separators for ultra-pure flat products.


Monitoring our delivery quality is the core task of our quality assurance. For us, this includes the following measures:

  • The involvement and motivation of all employees in the constant improvement of manufacturing quality.

For the highest possible transparency of our product quality, we publish the test data of our best-selling high-tech cleaning cloth on the Internet every week:

Quality control charts of the produced batches of the HiTech cleaning wiper type

Our HiTech cleaning wipers are available in various decontamination levels. In addition, depending on the intended use, they can be carried out in the decontamination types aquatic, organic and supercritical.

Since 1985 we have published 40 technical articles and 10 patents on the subject of surface cleanliness and wiping cleaning procedures.

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Our motto:
„We don‘t yet know everything about high-tech cleaning wipers,but we‘re working hard to ensure that we know more than anybody else.“

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Clear & Clean GmbH

Niels Bohr ring 36

23568 Lübeck

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